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Made in Italy

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Made in Italy


Fine woolen fabrics and draperies

Ducotex is an Italian textile company, family-owned and founded in 1986 by Umberto Durando.

Originally established as a commercial agency representing fabrics, it transformed in the early ’90s into a company specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing, epitomizing the Made in Italy ethos.

Our offering

We aim to bring the culture and taste of Made in Italy fashion to the world.

Produced in Biella, the heart of high-quality Italian textile production, our combed wool fabrics come in 40 types and 100 colors, with immediate delivery.

Many other items, including cottons, linens, velvets, silks, coats, jacquards, and an assortment for civilian, military, and clerical clothing, complete our collection.

Thanks to our extensive sample collection and large warehouse availability, we meet the demands of an increasingly discerning and ever-evolving market, from renowned brands to fabric stores, from small tailoring businesses to emerging designers.

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Our constant commitment has allowed us, over the years, to expand our offering, giving our customers the opportunity to be more creative and to provide a broader range of items, also tailored to different markets.


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